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BOOB - IP0000.BIN Dumper v1.0 *NEW*
Released: 14-09-00
By: Gonzo Info: This proggie reads the first sector from a GD-Rom and writes the included IP0000.BIN Informations to the HD. PLEASE NOTE: This does not seem to work on my computer at the moment and the author says he has got it to work on win98 only... if you alter the source code and/or get it to work please mail me
Source Code

BOOB - GypPlay 1.1
Released: 16-08-00
By: TheGypsy
Info: Click here for details
Version 1 (exe only)
Version 2 (full version)

BOOB - DC S-Record Util
Released: 09-08-00
By: Garpster
Size: 14.6k zipped
Info: After your binary is created, use this utility to convert it to S-Record format for uploading via the serial slave.

Released: ??-08-00
By: Dopefish
Size: 46k zipped
Info: After you have created an 0winceos.bin file use this tool to convert it to a 1st_read.bin file for use with the Utopia BootCD!

BOOB - CDX ripped version (demo so it is LEGAL)
Released: 22-07-00
Current Version: -
Size: 939k zipped
Info: This is the CDXA track of the CDX cd which is "invisible" when inserted into a cd drive.

BOOB - Utopia BootCD ripped version
Released: 21-07-00
Current Version: 1.1
Size: 723k zipped


BOOB - DC Disassembler
Released: 19-07-00
Current Version: 0.16
Size: 15k zipped
Info: This program allows you to select any Dreamcast File and Disassemble it. At the moment it is rather slow since it was written in Visual Basic for quick-development, but expect a VC++ conversion soon!

BOOB - DC Info Viewer
Released: 19-07-00
Current Version: 1.0
Size: 6k zipped
Info: This program displays the Info on a Dreamcast CD. It gets the info from the header of the IP.BIN file... documents for this can be found in the Docs page.

Steve's Disassembler *NON-BOOB RELEASE*
Released: ??-??-??
Current Version: 0.2a
Size: 218k zipped
Info: This is an early test version of my SH4 (sh7091) CPU disassembler.

Released: ??-??-??
Current Version: 0.8b
Size: 349k zipped
Info: An IP Editor - comes with IP.BIN files for various games

IP.BIN maker!
Released: ??-??-??
Current Version: ? Size: 10k
Info: Seems useful :-)