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Gameboy - Boob!boy by CyRUS64

Last release: coming soon
Pages: Screenshots page
Progress update page

NES - Boob! Emuschool Port

I used this as a learning experience for porting emulators to the dreamcast.
I succeeded, but since this emulator only displayed 1 screen at most in any game, it was unreleased, and will remain like that, due to the fact it would not be worth spending week after week improving the emulator when there are other Nes projects in progress. However you can find 2 pics of the emu running Super Mario Brothers and Tennis. The emuschool site can be found here

NES - Gleem!

Last release: 28/08/00
Info: Mappers 1,2,3 are working. No sound, but it plays some commercial games!
Website: here
Download: Bin only
Disc juggler version
CDRWin version (requires bootdisk)

SNES - Sintendo (Snes9x port)

Last release: not yet (october is provisional release date)
Website: here

Saturn - Lunar

Info: This project seems overly-ambitious since there is only one saturn emulator on the pc which plays any games (and this is 1 japanese puzzle game!). They do claim that it is not an emulator but a bootdisc like Bleemcast. As far as i know Bleemcast IS still an emulator, it just allows you to insert another cd to run the game from! Anyhow i wish them the best of luck and sincerely hope they can prove me wrong.
Last release: not yet
Website: here

If you know of other emulators in progress, please email me and ill add them...