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Boob!boy Progress

Below is a table of the current status of Boob!boy... when each section hits 100% the first release of Boob!boy will occur... from that point on my work will focus on enhancements to the emulator such as options screens, screensize selection, vmu saving, etc... also as you can see by the fact that the emulation core is 100% in both dc and pc versions, the first two weeks of development were spent porting the basic core of VisualBoy, and i must stress to any emu porters that this is obviously the most important part in any emu and concentrate on this first... stuff like the gui comes afterwards and you should build everything else around the basic emu core.

PC Version DC Version
Emulation core 100% 100%
Directx 90% 90% (directdraw stuff completely rewritten)
Directsound 91% 10% (coming soon!)
Directinput 50% (no joystick support) 90%
GUI 60% 60% (completely rewritten file handling functions and other stuff like fonts added)